Frequently Asked Questions

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After making the order, automatically you will be redirected to our panel, were you will be assigned to our agent, then they will give whole explanation of the process step by step. Delivery time may be vary from 2 to 6 hours, depends upon your co-ordenation.

At the time of checkout we only accepts, Cards Only. But if you are from any other country where cards are not available you can contact us our agents will help you in this.

Yupp!! Here is something great about us. We’ll give 3 Revisions to each order (Whole account and domain replacement, whatever the issue will be). But We give 99% Guarantee that you will get satisfied work & you will work with us for lifetime for sure.

You’re 100% Secure, we never share our customers data with anybody, whether it is in the way of endoursement or selling your e-mails/phone numbers. Our users are 100% Safe with us we don’t even recommend anybody your product ideas or your niche ideas with anybody, all your work is 100% safe with us even if you guys taking listing services from us.

Yes you will Invoices for your Orders.

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